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Powering the Future: Innovations in BMS for Enhanced EV Performance

EVs are reshaping the automotive industry, emphasizing the critical role of data analytics for vehicle health management. With a focus on Battery Management Systems (BMS) the study highlights Sankey Solutions'...Read More

Evolution of EV Application Forecourt System for Seamless Experiences

Ensuring the seamless operation and performance of EV application forecourt systems is of paramount importance in today's dynamic and competitive EV landscape. However, the promise of a smooth and efficient ...Read More

Automated Testing Revolution for a Leading Automobile Company in India

A leading automobile company wanted a smart connected vehicle platform to help them keep tabs on their vehicles without breaking the bank or losing too much time. So, we put automation testing to work, ...Read More

Process automation for India's leading insurance aggregator

One of India’s leading Insurance aggregators wanted to automate their business processes using Robotic Process Automation. Our solutions streamlined core insurance processes like quote generation, ...Read More

Multi-dimensional reporting & predictive tool for a fortune 500 MNC

With the growing importance of business intelligence in the business a fortune 500 MNC chose us to build a multi-KPI reporting solution. We created a platform that integrates disparate data from disjoint business...Read More

Implementing winning field service automation for an international startup

San Francisco based startup partnered with us to implement a wide range of field service automation solutions to boost speed of execution, workflow efficiency and dramatically improve...Read More

Connected vehicles platform for India's largest automobile company

Internet of Things as a concept far from new now, with its application in various industries. Leading Indian automobile company reached out to us to develop a solution to solve fleet management hindrances. Our team...Read More

Management Information System for a multinational private equity firm

Corporates are evolving dynamically. Quick, strategical, and data-driven decision making is extremely important to carry out profitable and productive business decisions. Our team developed...Read More

Project management tool for 30 years old leading trading Company

We designed a solution that would help the client to save their license fees, establish a hierarchy of tasks for efficient completion, assign and monitor the employee’s tasks, budgeting, scheduling, timesheets, ...Read More

Employment platform for Hong Kong's 2nd largest job portal

In the modern era, many businesses are diverting more towards employing digital technology to modify their conventional methods. A Hong Kong based job portal was willing to expand its business and...Read More

HRMS tool upgradation for Kuwait’s second-largest conventional bank

A standardized and simplified Human Resource Management System (HRMS) plays an optimum role in carrying out HR-related activities effectively in less time. We eliminated the extra layer of communication for the...Read More

Business application and hrms for leading fintech company in the middle east

The multi-vendor platforms are rising rapidly and providing the vendor the best service on the platform is the paramount objective of the service...Read More

Asset Management System for real estate management

Real estate businesses are expanding their operations at a fast pace. More and more audiences are involving in digitalized real estate investment. We crafted a centralized and integrated Asset Management Tool for a real...Read More

CMS for India's 7th largest media house

One of the most prominent regional publishing houses recognized the need to build content management system (CMS). Our web development professionals crafted a streamlined website to manage content distribution and comply with the SEO ...Read More

Building online presence for a Crypto Exchange platform

The importance of a business website is now quite prominent in all the industries. An international investment and trading firm required to build a marketing website for its Crypto Exchange. After hours of brainstorming and toiling efforts...Read More

Social network insights based decision-making platform for a private equity firm

Driving decision-making process insightful and secure to achieve the defined business objectives is crucial. We made this possible for a private equity firm by ...Read More

Sales information management system for the UK's largest forecourt operator

The largest forecourt retailer in the UK required a sales information management system to store their data, deliver enhanced business intelligence...Read More

E-commerce and digital wallet integration for fastest growing digital payments app

The online commerce capabilities have ensured to garner maximum profits for organizations. E-commerce has continued to benefit the audience by saving their time, efforts,...Read More

Loyalty program platform for goods manufacturing company

OA loyalty platform is a solid foundation for successful customer engagement. It plays a key role in lowering the churn rates, has higher profitability, and drives sales. We created and integrate all the offerings of the ...Read More

Multi-module integrated solution for a leading fintech company

The fintech industry has witnessed a steep incline in development in the recent past and has been forming an amicable partnership with the E-commerce industry lately. With...Read More

Food delivery and order management application for a growing food supply chain

Food delivery and order management applications provide a comprehensive view of the menu, dishes available, reviews, price, and food delivery status. It...Read More

Super Application Module Integration with the Digital Payments System

The changing customer habits have forced the service providers to enrich their service portfolios periodically. Growing Saudi based Fintech startup seized the opportunity to cater multiple services ...Read More

Digital Investment and Cash Management App for Singapore Based Fintech Company

Over the years consumer spending has seen phenomenal growth, especially after the introduction of digital payment services. Personal finance management...Read More

Empowering Ecommerce Platform of an Arabian Multichain FMCD Retailer

The retail industry is in a major dilemma to serve its customers in a traditional or modern way. The omnichannel engagement has been the key to retail success - catering to divided customer...Read More

Powering Amazon Advertising tool for Singapore based analytics company

In the digital era, e-commerce has skyrocketed, especially post-pandemic hit where vendors and brands are switching to a multi-channel approach that has kindled a branding ...Read More

Website and application for a US based recruiting and networking portal

networking portal from the USA wished to redevelop and enhance its web and mobile application to deliver a better user experience. Our experts explored the legacy systems and application to deliver...Read More

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