Live Webinar
Data to Decisions : The essentials of data driven decision-making
Nov 6th, 2020
2:30 PM
Data matters to every business. Businesses across the world dig through tons of data to find the most relevant data required to accomplish their business goals. Future decisions are going to be taken by business leaders based on these data rather than their gut feeling that is why it’s imperative to know what data matters most to your organization.
Join Suhas Patil (CEO - Sankey Solutions) and Shrihari Mahale (APAC Head – Sankey Solutions) to learn about leveraging analytics, reporting, and business intelligence (BI) tools to improve decision-making quality at your organization. This webinar is particularly useful for executives and managers who are charged with designing and developing dashboards for their organization's CXOs.
Topics of Discussion:
• How to create a data strategy
• How to Spot Opportunities in data
• How to create smarter CXO dashboards
• How to prioritize KPIs which matter
• How to choose the right visualizations and BI tools
Suhas Patil Suhas Patil Founder & CEO Sankey Solutions
Shrihari Mahale Shrihari Mahale APAC Head Sankey Solutions
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