Live Webinar
Fundamentals of Securing your Platform
June 18th, 2020
2:00 PM
Indian Time
As businesses around the world transition to working remotely, networking and security professionals face the challenge of securely scaling access for their mobile workforce.
Join Suhas Patil(CEO - Sankey Solutions) and Karan Rao(Cyber Security Lead - Sankey Solutions) for a discussion on cyber security and its critical role in protecting an organisation’s data, assets and resources. This introductory webinar will focus on the fundamental aspects of security. It will discuss key concepts, protocols and the policies involved in establishing a secure network.
Topics of Discussion:
• Growing threat landscape
• Challenges to a successful security strategy
• Business impact of attacks
• Securing web applications from attacks
Suhas Patil Suhas Patil Founder & CEO Sankey Solutions
Karan Rao Karan Rao Cyber Security Lead at Sankey Solutions