Web Technologies

We work on legacy technologies from LAMP stack to more advanced MEAN stack. We understand server and client side concepts well and are always look out for something new and exciting on the horizon.

  • Client Side : View JS, React JS, Angular JS , Angular 2, Angular 6, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap etc.
  • Server Side : Django, Node JS, PHP, Sails JS, Express JS, Ruby, Scala, ASP.Net, Spring Boot etc.
  • Database : PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo, CouchDB, Cassandra.
Web Technology 1

Mobile Technologies

mobile technology 1

Mobile Technologies are evolving at rapid pace with multiple new technologies at inflection point. Huge open source libraries, frameworks, plugin have been already built that can enable to implement any solutions that is imaginable. 

  • MobilePlatforms – Android, iOS, Oculus.
  • Front end technologies – Objective C, Swift, Android Java SDK etc.
  • Hybrid Frameworks :React Native, IONIC, Cordova, PhoneGap, Xiaomin etc.
  • VR Platforms – Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus etc.
  • AR Platforms – Hololens, DroidAR, ARToolkit etc.

Data Analytics 

Data visualization and data analytics form core of Decision Sciences ecosystem. Sankey team’s ability to combine technology skills with Stats skills enable us to maximize the potential of leveraging data.Below are few technologies associated with delivering analytical services :

  • Descriptive Tools – PowerBi, Tablueau, Datazen, etc.
  • Analytical Tools – R, Python, SAS etc.
  • Statistical Process – Machine Learning also such as Regression, K-Means, Decision Tree etc. 
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Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Knowing various cloud technologies and platforms is a hygiene for any technology organization. Sankey team has worked on all major cloud platforms and have mastered key tools and features of various Cloud platforms. On top of it, Sankey team adapted various Dev OPs tools to integrate on-premise and Cloud worlds for developers by creating continous integration, deployment automation solutions.Some of technologies Sankey work on are : 

  • Cloud Platforms – AWS, Azure, ESDS, Open Stack etc.
  • Cloud Capabilities – Webhosting, storage services, CDN, API Gateways, Load Balancers, Auto-Scaling etc.
  • Dev Ops Tools – Kubernete, Dockers, Jenzin, Netflix OSS etc 


Instead of doing Automation for the sake of Automation, Sankey team focused on understanding process end to end, define scenarios, define structured and unstructured data and map all the success and failure decisions to come up architecture for automation. Team works with following technology stack to implement automation solutions:

  • Robotic Platforms : Workfusion(Beta), familiarity with Blue Prism.
  • ChatBots : API.ai, WIT.ai, Microsoft Chat Platform etc.
  • Business Process Management : jBPM, Activiti etc.



IOT truly requires very good understanding of hardware, embedded technology, cloud platform, server side technology and analytics tools. With its multi-disciplinary approach of learning, Sankey Team uses following tools and technologies to build IOT solutions.

  • Different Type of Devices : BLE Sensors, Rasberry Pie.
  • Cloud Platform  : ThingWorx, AWS IOT.
  • Langauages – Python.