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Testing And Quality Assurance

Enable unconventional QA methods to ensure systems agility


Drive your digital journey sterling by striking a seamless execution with Sankey Solutions Quality Assurance and Testing services. Empower your digital business with beyond the task thinking approach that will ensure reliable, robust, and sustainable software solutions. Surpass your digital quality benchmarks with the proprietary methodologies, accelerators, and frameworks that upscale your competitive edge in the digital era. Our comprehensive set of high-quality QA testing eliminates bugs and errors keeping clients' customized requirements in the top priority.

Testing And Quality Assurance Services

Strategic Application Testing

Our strategic application testing services involve a certified team of QA testers who implement qualitative and accurate testing. We aim to maintain the top-notch quality output thereby increasing the durability substantially.

Website Testing

We keep a strict performance check on the user-friendliness of the website. Our in-depth analysis on the website testing identifies the traffic load handling, front end, and back end drawbacks, and other concealed security threats.

Test Automated Solutions

Our dedicated and standardized approach of quality assurance eliminates the bugs and errors thereafter reducing the costs and increasing the sustainability, test coverage efficiency of the crafted solutions.

Mobile App Testing

Security and multiplatform management are the cornerstones of the mobile apps that are easily managed by our talented pool of engineers.

Agile Managed Testing Services

Our agile approach towards delivering customized testing helps us to excel thereafter keeping the cost of the advanced solutions effective and timely.

Functional Testing

Creating a flexible system that accepts all the functions and reports the identified issues of the software to get the desired output is on our nerves.

Usability Testing

Our robust analysis of the In-depth user behaviour patterns unveils the possible errors at the initial stage and resolves them to give a product that answers all the needs and expectations of your target audience.

Performance Testing

Our profound expertise in giving the customer a stress-free and remarkable experience helps us to draw smarter and reliable solutions. We aim to maximize the performance and enhance the scalability of the product.   

Security Testing

Our proficient team acts relentlessly to fix the vulnerabilities from the root cause keeping the software far from malicious threats, hackers, viruses, risks thereby protecting it from all sides. 

Load Testing

We analyse the lotech-taking capacity of the system and tweak it beforehand for driving a seamless experience for our potential customers.    

Stability Testing

We aim for minimizing the maintenance cost and increasing the stability of the product. Our end-to-end testing and QA give deep insights on the downtime for our clients to plan the maintenance activity smartly.  

Compatibility Testing

We ensure the software to be flexible and work flawlessly under different environment. Hence, we undergo testing across multitudes of browsers, interfaces, operating systems, resolutions, and servers for best compatibility.



Architecture review

A business's IT architecture comprises various system organizations and a set of guidelines governing them, we test the entire IT infrastructure of the business to discover any issues or requirements for modification and maintain a healthy network.


Performance review

Our technical professionals dive deeper into the performance testing of business systems by thoroughly understanding if the system components are functioning smoothly and streamlined to ensure optimum efficiency. 



One of the key aspects of modern business is to ensure that IT infrastructures secured from any malpractices. We conduct security network and protocol tests to understand and mitigate risks and to ensure that the business wields a backup plan.


Code best practices and standard review

We conduct coding error testing to detect defects in the system that might cause breakdowns and inefficiency. Our experts follow best code testing practices to locate the slightest of errors from countless lines of codes.


UI/UX review

We study the design and interface of the website to discern if there is any gap between the business goals and the website’s intended goals to achieve them. We visualize the user experience map to understand user activity and indicate existing or potential flaws.

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