Product Launch:Enrich Others – A new way to experience a joy of giving

Sankey Solutions takes pride in being involved as a key technology partner in the implementation of the global social sharing mobile App – “Enrich Others”.

Culling the clutter benefits both for you and your community. That’s the message behind this brand-new UK/Hong Kong based mobile App “Enrich Others”. Its simple interface enables users to seamlessly share details of their unwanted possessions for collection by anyone anywhere, and to also enable users to request items that they are on the look out for. With a laudable aim to both reduce carbon emissions within communities by encouraging recycling, as well as helping others in need for free, the app is particularly suited to families, who tend to have a higher turnover of possessions than other demographics.

Sankey Solutions has been involved right from the beginning on the storyboarding, the creation of wireframes, the screen designs, and the technology architecture, design and development. Standing true to its belief in solving complex business problems; using the latest and most productive technologies, Sankey has delivered on-time a micro-services based technology solution using Node JS, Mongo DB, Angular, and the Ionic framework, all deployed on an AWS cloud. All the key aspects, including security, scalability, and performance have been precisely taken care of.

“Sankey Solutions is a next gen technology company to watch out for. I have been involved in several key multi-million dollar implementations for large financial multinational companies. But I am amazed at the way this young team absolutely delivered on all their promises. They have the right mix of attitude, ownership mindset, and skill set. Sankey Solutions has delivered a well-crafted, highly performant, and secure mobile application. Highly recommend you also get in touch with them.”

– Enrich Others Ltd Founder.

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