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Hyperlocal Solution


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LOKALBOARD is a neighborhood app that has been designed to encourage local commerce and create platform that can meet all your local needs be it shopping or finding good music teacher or reputed saloon near your house.

LOKALBOARD will show as well as post offers and ads within 2km, or 5km or 10km radius of your residence by default. Lokalboard is next generation Neighborhood Commerce app.

Download here : 

Play Store Link : Lokalboard

Communication Platform


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Yoovva is a mobile and web application developed and customised exclusively for the educational institutes to communicate effectively with the students. The institutes can leverage this platform to send real-time updates and keep their students informed about various notices, news, events and other activities happening daily in and around the campus.

Yoovva empowers the institutes to involve and engage the students more effectively in the campus activities and makes the communication between the institutes and the students more interactive.

Download here : 

Play Store Link: Yoovva

Gift Management Solution

Enrich Others

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The Application is to promote and facilate the free exchange of any item that is no longer needed by members of your local community. So instead of hoarding things you no longer need  – give it away for free and Enrich Others!

Download here : 

Play Store Link : Enrich Other’s

Apple Store Link : Enrich Other’s

Geo-Location Tracking


In a competitive real-estate market, Sales team of the developers who are efficient, are in the know and who can personalize their engagement with customers will WIN. Realizing this, we worked with leading Developer of India to design and develop mobility platform for Sales team to get info about their projects, learn about available inventory, understand requirements and drive customer engagement in real-time. This enabled 40+ Sales team to effectively collaborate on driving sales, recommend right projects and deliver personalized experience to their customers. In addition, platform provided real-time location tracking of the Sales team for Management to optimize their sales resources(Visits, Appointments, supporting people etc) and drive significant operational efficiency.

Download here :

Play Store Link : HubTown

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Customer Engagement

Salangpur Hanuman App

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Many of the religious institute in India have huge followers and fan base. However they lack digital platform to connect with their devotees in real-time and keep them engaged. Sankey team worked with one of the major religious institute of India to create unique engagement experience for their devotees. Mobility platform was designed keeping in mind faiths, perceptions and emotional connect devotees had with the institution. From live streaming to daily darshan to notification for volunteering, platform created opportunities to engage with devotees on daily and weekly basis.

Download here:

Play Store Link : Salangpur Hanuman Application

E-Commerce Management


Coming Soon!!!!!

Sales Innovation


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Danone is a sales app use to collect the data about the products and keep track of the sales of the data.The data over here can be stored without any connectivity and once connected it will auto sync the data.