Product Experience

Responsive Design, Intuitive design, Human Centric Design etc are now commodity. Everyone does it and it is expected as basic thing by users. Need of the time is to go beyond – build “Conversational” experience. Our UI/UX follows methodical approach to develop empathy for end users and create interface that is designed to “converse” with users. Our methodical process includes :

  • Problem Definition and Context understanding (Forget the problem to solve the problem).
  • Developing Storyboard and Empathy Map.
  • Conversation flow design.
  • Designing functional flow – Wireframes.
  • Finalizing Microsineraction.
  • User Interface Design.

Application Development & Engineering

From old age relational databases to new age graph databases, from licensed technologies to plethora of open source technologies, software development space has become more complex, powerful and faster. Sankey’s technical ninjas know how to connect different web programming languages, mobile SDK, cloud technologies and testing tools to develop robust product that can meet the design, quality and business targets. 

  • Web Application Solutions – E-commerce, SAAS, Enterprise solutions etc. 
  • Mobile Application Solutions – Mobile apps for Android, iOS, Ionic, PhoneGap platforms.
  • Cloud Deployment – Application Migration, Product Deployment, CDN, Storage services integration, Auto-scaling and Load balancing etc.
  • Dev Ops – Consulting, Deployment Automation, Configuration Management, Service Monitoring and proactive maintenance etc.

Business Process Automation

Driving efficiency and effectiveness of the business functions is key to being competitive in the market. Through use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation tools, Sankey can help you transform your business operation. Either by leveraging open source AI/Robotics framework or developing it from scratch – we can enable you to build following capabilities

  • Robotics Process Automation – Automating some of repetitive tasks and processes in the company.
  • ChatBots – Bots that service your customers through SMS, Messengers, Customer Chat Boxes etc.
  • Cognitive Automation – Automating complex process involving unstructured data (PDF, Images etc).
  • Digital Workforce – Creating solutions that combine people, bots and cognitive automation to drive complex business process.

Smart Solutions

There is increasing need for organizations to leverage tremendous data and make data driven decisions. On top of it, artificial intelligence especially machine learning and ecosystems built around it in last few years can not only enable organizations to leverage analytics but build engines/models that can take business decisions real-time. 

Some of key services in this space are

  • Descriptive Analytics – Reporting, Dashboard, KPA measurement, Auto Insight generation, Executive Cockpit etc.
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Solutions – Developing machine learning models, predicting key business metrics, recommendation engines.
  • Big Data Analytics – Data Integrations, Real-time processing etc.
  • Blockchain – Limited application (POCs)


Connected Devices (IOT)

IOT is going touch every organization across business segments – be it making the products connected to the network or be it using connected devices for the personal use. However connecting devices to network alone will not drive value. IOT has to be combined with existing systems, data and platforms to leverage device data to make real business decisions. We help you master this new world through following ways :  

  • IOT Consulting – Review and recommend hardware/software stack to implement IOT Solutions
  • IOT Solution Design and Development – Identifying hardwares, recommending product changes, developing edge servers, creating IOT models and entities, building IOT cloud platform etc
  • IOT Analytics – Leveraging IOT data and integrating with other applications to create insights and recommendations