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Today’s businesses have abundance of data that previously were scarcely available. With advancement in technology companies are in position to collect or generate data and save it in data warehouses. High-tech infrastructure and robust mechanism facilitate business leaders to take strategic decisions using the stored data. Business intelligence solution can improve your business’ operational efficacy and amplify profits.

Business Intelligence Services

BI Assessment And Consulting

Technology is dynamically evolving every day, to ensure our systems are up to date we need to undertake tech-gap analysis. This gap analysis examines if there is an opportunity of technology improvement in our current systems so as to replace it with latest software available. Our technical examiners will conduct an assessment of your current software meticulously, packaged with an expert’s consultation.

BI Blueprint

Our technical experts build strategic road maps for your business. This roadmap is a guideline towards your business excellence which is customized for your business systems and operations. With our BI blueprint solution, you can ensure that your system is adeptly integrated, maintained and resistant to flaws.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

OLAP is the essence of the Business Intelligence technology, it scrutinizes data from multiple dimensions by organizing the data in a complex cubical format. True to its name, OLAP processes the data seamlessly to conduct complex calculations, predictive analysis, ‘what if’ scenarios, budget forecasting, trend analysis and expounds detailed reports. OLAP solutions equips the system to execute slicing and dicing of data for you to take informed decisions.

Machine Learning

Machines have revolutionized the modern business applications with its ability to learn by and from itself. It utilizes lavishly stored business data to derive valuable insights as it self-constructs algorithms and enhance the decision-making process. Our professional developers will build a coherent ML system for your business and let the machine do what it does best.

BI Dashboard

The scrutinized data analyzed and distributed by the business intelligence systems can be monitored on the Bi dashboards. These dashboards have a streamlined and well-designed user interface which presents data visualization tools that is quite comprehensible for the managers. Instate a BI software with an impeccable dashboard that is easily accessible for management as well as for the data experts.

BI Support Service

BI systems persistently handle enormous data to transmit relevant information for quality decision making. It is crucial for a business to detect, manage and report systems risk. We have wide experience in handling complex BI and data support system and you will be assigned a dedicated professional to provide end to end system support service.



Elicit requirements

We begin with studying the problem statement thoroughly to understand and deduce the business requirements.


Identify KPIs

After deducing the problem, our experts create a mind map that contains the key performance indicators that measure business efficiency.



We brainstorm and design the structural design of the solution that is used for report generation to represents the final model of the solution.


Dashboard designing

Keeping the wire-frame in mind we design the interface of the dashboard using the sample data to demonstrate the utility functions.


Data extraction

The accumulated business data is now extracted from various sources to store in a warehouse after transforming it into a relevant format for reporting purposes.


Data integration

The data formats and processes thus formed in the preceding stages are then integrated together to form a unified operation.


Testing and deployment

Finally, our tech professional assesses the features, functionality, and viability of the solution before implementing it to the business’ existing process.

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