With a heavy heart, we announce the untimely demise of Sankey Solutions CEO and Co-Founder, Suhas Patil

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With utmost sorrow, we are to announce the sudden and sad demise of our beloved CEO and Co-founder of Sankey Solutions, Suhas Patil on 21st April 2021.

Suhas Patil, the heartbeat of Sankey Solutions started the company in 2015 with a vision of growing it with a solution and learning mindset. Within five years of the startup, his tireless efforts successfully led Sankey to break new grounds. With Suhas’s efforts, Sankey was selected to be a part of the Global Entrepreneur Program in 2018 by the Government of U. K, awarded – Top 5 Startup of the Year at Maha Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, Top 50 Tech Visionary Awards in 2019, Top 7th Fastest Growing Organization in the Country and Top 51st Fastest Growing Companies in the APAC Region by Deloitte. Suhas added another feather to his cap last year when he was accepted into the FORBES Technology Council in 2020. With all of these accolades, Suhas continued to be the most down-to-earth person anyone could meet and inspire.

Unfortunately, between this incredible journey of success, an unpredictable storm took away this gem from us. However, his values, ideology, dreams, and visions are ingrained in every Sankian’s heart. Our CEO has left a part of him in every single one of us. We can boldly beat our chest and vouch that we will work twice as hard now to bring light to his goals and vision.

We are sure he must have touched your lives in some way too. Let’s be honest. Things may obviously be a little different at the start, but as time passes, we can assure you that you will see a reflection of our CEO, Suhas, in each and every Sankian that you meet.