What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet – Vinayak Minde, Solutions Lead

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It was late 2015 at co-working space, I came across Sandeep and Suhas. It was just two of them to begin Sankey Solutions. Over the next few years, I heard how Sankey Solutions grew up from just 2 to 50, 100, to 220+ people. It was one of the very few start-ups I knew, that grew expeditiously.

I planned to exit my venture and join Sankey Solutions in 2020. I am working with Sankey as a solutions lead along with being a part of Team Relentless (TR). My main reason to join Sankey was to experience how to build and scale a profitable venture in the technology arena.

​Sankey Solutions promoted value-based culture and that is what makes them stand different from others. It is astonishing to see young developers being taught things like T-shaped skillset, learning – unlearning, generalist mindset, and customer-centricity.

Unlike typical corporate, growth at Sankey is not at all proportional to experience. If you have appetite and ambition, you will be given ample opportunities. Moreover, withholding just two years of experience, you can become a part of the leadership team to make decisions for the organization’s future.

It’s a true meritocracy.

I believe….

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”- Vinayak Minde, Solutions Lead

The present-day generation doesn’t focus on the ‘why’ factors before making any decision. This simply leads them towards being unaware of their future goals and ambitions. I would suggest everyone that always start with why.

This is something I wish I had learned earlier in my career. No matter where you work, with whom you are working, you must know ‘why’ you are doing it. Ask hundreds of questions without any hesitation. Once you know the why and if you deeply resonate with it, you’d figure out the rest of other things seamlessly.