What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet-Shreyash Bamane, Head of Solutions

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I never imagined that my one decision would open the doors of learning, opportunities, self-development, and growth. I was not sure if a startup could support me in my journey. I wanted to break the chain of thoughts that say ‘startups are unhealthy for mental peace; they have no growth opportunity’ etc.

However, I believe that I have taken the best decision. I am incessantly growing with Sankey Solutions for 3 years now. I always wanted to work in a culture where learning is nurtured, creativity and innovation are brewed, and opportunities are showered. I wanted to breathe in the air that has equal opportunities for all. And yes, I got this through Sankey Solutions.

I was growing and learning something new every day. I developed myself relentlessly. It was not an easy road map for sure. I fueled myself with dedication towards all the tasks I carried. I readily accepted all the challenges coming my way.


“Challenging things always bring along the biggest opportunity for growth” -Shreyash Bamane, Head of Solutions


Sankey Solutions was aligned towards transforming its workforce into its best version. They taught me to experiment with solutions and that is how they ensured that I am future-ready. From learning good communication skills, attention to detail, to empathizing with clients, I explored manifolds of pathways that had something new to learn for me.

Today when I reflect on my progress, I am proud to express that I grew incredibly in a startup. Sankey has hardwired a fact that always stays with me while crafting innovative solutions —‘Learn…Unlearn, and Re-learn’.