What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet – Rushikesh Kulkarni, Head of Solutions

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We are born as individuals who can experiment to achieve and garner the rewarding success. I graduated as electrical engineer. My experimental approach to achieve success was to join Sankey Solutions as a Solution Analyst. Initially, it was strenuous to acquire a respected position in the field of technology for a non-IT graduate like me. Fortunately, Sankey Solutions gave me a ray of hope to embark my journey with technology. It was completely a shift from my academic knowledge. However, what kept me rolling was the right mindset, confidence to build solutions, and the audacity to take risks.

Sankey Solutions provided me an opportunity to explore, build logical solutions using my own understanding. I stepped in the organization as an amateur and now, within 5 years, they’ve moulded me into a skilled professional who can work on multiple technologies, build relations with the top executives, architect solutions for them and drive the businesses from U.K region. This keeps me ahead of the learning curve.

I am overjoyed to be a part of organization that make its workforce spread their wings beyond their comfort zones. Sankey has hardwired within me, the quality to empathize with the people I work with and think from a customer’s point of view. They enabled me to construct and engineer plethora of solutions for the clients from discrete domains like private equity, fin-Tech, forecourt retail etc., that valued and benefited them. I was cheered up to take up manifolds of challenges and prosper with everything I practiced inside Sankey. I believe that the definition of hard work is the ability to knock-back 100’s of challenges confidently that arrive amid your journey of success.

Today, Sankey Solutions have a rich pool of clients ranging from a start-up to fortune 500. This is because of the ability to empathize and create the best suited solutions for them.

“We use our intellect best when we put ourselves in the place of the person in need rather than helping out as an outsider” – Rushikesh Kulkarni, Head of Solutions

While I was in the process of learning the ropes of technology and mastering the art of co-creating solution, I was given a runway of challenges where Sankey always supported me to solve basic to complex issues. They gave me a platform to prove myself and unveil my potential from the early stages of my journey with them. Today, I have grown up as a professional who strives to draw success for everyone I work with.