What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet Karan Rao – Head of Solutions

"Never box yourself into things" - Karan Rao

My career at Sankey Solutions has introduced me to multitudinous directions. I graduated as an engineer from an ordinary college. I hail from a city that has a very tad breadth in terms of career and education because of which I had to limit my ambitions. I always fancied envisioning myself to grow and learn in everything I practice. Numerous things obstructed me to grow and accept the challenges around me. However, I never gave up. I never wanted to box myself into any specific technology or domain. Having a monotonous job was never on my list. But, does that mean that I must stop being ambitious and growing? No!

“Never box yourself into things. Life has to be challenging and if it is not, trust me you are not living the best life”-Karan Rao, Head of Solutions

Fortunately, I made a wonderful decision by joining the inspiring environment of Sankey Solutions. The real-time experience and exposure I got here during my fresher days was unbelievable.  At a very early stage, I got an opportunity to interact with clients and get involved into the crucial decisions of the organization. Ever since I joined Sankey, I am introduced to incessant growth opportunities. They helped me to embrace the better and confident version of myself seamlessly. Today, within 4 years of my career, I am seamlessly managing APAC clients. Without Sankey, I would have been oblivious about my concealed potential. Here, I am empowered to contribute massively and bring new ideas to the table by uncovering an innovative me. I am encouraged to test ideas and have the team rally around me to help me explore, fathom and prototype them efficaciously. This wonderful ecosystem of Sankey helped me tremendously to unveil my hidden caliber and skills. It intrigued me to take up manifold challenges at a time which ignited an ability of multi-directional thinking and active problem solving.

The best thing is that I am a real engineer here. Here, I don’t simply give syntax-oriented solutions, I architect and engineer solutions.