What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet – Kajol Chawla, Head of Solutions

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I joined Sankey Solutions 3 years ago with the aim to garner a unique experience in my professional career. Initially, before joining, I was nervous because my friends and family drew an image in my mind that said, ‘Start-up is stress’. However, this is not the truth. Despite the struggle, I took a decision overnight to join Sankey Solutions. No sooner, I realized that the decision I made that night was correct.

At Sankey, I was experiencing something new and exciting every day. I was learning and growing with every dawn. Every milestone was a success for me. I was being appreciated for every effort I made. I was celebrated for every milestone I achieve for the organization. I was invited to be a part of the leadership team within 2 years of my career. Sankey overwhelmed me with manifolds of opportunities to grow and prove myself. They introduced me to better challenges that helped me know where I stand. Today, I am an independent woman, confident soul, and a leader because of Sankey Solutions. Initially, it was a challenge for me to understand the clients and their requirements. However, my helpful team and generous colleagues helped me learn to put myself in the client’s shoes and come up with a solution they desire. I have absorbed to proceed in life by having a bigger picture and end goal in my mind. Sankey is not only my first company but my home as well. To me, it is an unbiased company, that treats a fresher and a leader equally.

Here I am being recognized based on who I am and what I want to be irrespective of any gender inequality. At Sankey Solutions, I will be a women leader to ensure that every female treat herself just like an independent woman to live her dreams.

Always believe in the fact a person should be prepared for the situation before happening rather regretting later. If you plan it will well,  you will succeed because…,

“Every situation happens twice, once we dream it and second, we live it!”-Kajol Chawla, Head of Solutions