What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet Hitesh Patil – Head of Solutions

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What could be more overwhelming than securing employment with an organization that valued my every need despite having 4 years career gap?  I passed out as an Aeronautical engineer having work experience with different multi-national companies. It was all brighter days and serene days when a hunger of opting higher studies hit me. I did my Masters in Computer Applications after working for few years. After I became a certified degree holder, I was barred completely from the challenging corporate world because industry demanded freshers. I had to strive for a job. The industry gave me massive spurns that disassembled my confidence. Those miserable days threw me in a directionless boat. However, I did not lose hope. I still had a belief that my directionless boat will surely find me the best edge. Then, against all odds, I joined Sankey Solutions.

As I set my foot at Sankey’s door, my perception towards things took a new direction. This organization has set a runway of exposure, learning, and opportunities for me. This environment has gifted me a platform to showcase the essential values like punctuality, discipline, commitment and confidence I had. My personality has been introduced me to ‘Yes, I can do it’ attitude thereby eliminating all the thoughts that hampered me from out of the box thinking. They have groomed me incredibly to become a future leader. 

“With the right mindset, we can’t lose, we either practice what we have learned or we learn what we need to practice” —–Hitesh Patil, Head of Solutions 

I absorbed a bunch of things at Sankey Solutions. From business communication to transforming the technical challenges into opportunities, I rebuilt myself 5 times more efficiently. The working style here ignited a spark of curiosity within me that acted as a catalyst between me and innovation. The designing of sustainable solutions enabled me to retrieve my prospects of thinking beyond the task. Now, nearly 4 years later, I gaze in astonishment that I didn’t have to prove myself in every single way to garner success. Sankey left no stone unturned when I needed its help. Hence, today I have an unconditional bond with it. Sankey is not just my workplace; it is my family and emotions.  

Sankey helped me to brave all the odds and challenges against life. It is rewarding to see how Sankey has broadened my perspective of co-creating solutions. Today, I am confidently acting as a consultant for the CTO’s and CXO’s of leading global brands. Furthermore, it has made my cognizance and proficiency in technology meaningful. Last but not the least, with Sankey Solutions, I have become intellectually dynamic. I don’t simply plan innovation, I breed innovation.