What’s brewing at Sankey Solutions | Meet – Dylan James, Head of Enterprise Solutions

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And I became something that I was never before…I was oblivious about my potential…and they painted it for me!

I have always embraced the spark of curiosity in me towards learning. I always envisioned and fancied myself to get challenged. I never wanted to work on something called ‘MONOTONOUS’. I have always believed and swallowed a fact that life is good when things are complicated.

And that’s when I joined Sankey Solutions 3 years ago to learn, grab opportunities, get challenged, transform myself to a level above, and move afar from my comfort zone. Initially, I was skeptical whether a startup could deliver what I was looking for. Gratefully, they sprinkled the qualities in me that were beyond my imagination. Sankey Solutions grew me into a professional, which I strongly believe that no one else could make me. I encountered a plethora of challenges and rough patches amid my success journey. However, I excelled and outstripped them effortlessly because of Sankians who supported me constantly, appreciated my efforts, believed in me, and celebrated my growth. I comprehended a myriad of new terminologies with every new industry client within Sankey. Working around colleagues striving to grow every day and not settle for average, I was growing every day.

Sankey Solutions gave me a chance to be part of the leadership team and contribute my ideas on the table. They gave me a platform to step beyond my academic knowledge. Being an IT graduate, I never imagined myself working in business development and sales. Today, I am confidently driving sales and business within the organization. Within 3 years of my professional career, I am leading the enterprise solution division at Sankey Solutions, where I have to build the plane while flying it. This has enabled me to think in a multi-pronged mindset, increase my emotional intelligence, and garner bigger and brighter achievements.


“Asking the right questions is what differentiates us from the average”—Dylan James, Head of Enterprise Solutions


I would like to conclude with a statement that there were constant ups and downs to become what I am today. However, what kept me and my bond with Sankey Solutions strong was the alignment of having curiosity towards excellence.