Top Strategic Technology Trend of 2021 – Internet of Behavior

Top Strategic Technology Trend of 2021 - Internet of Behavior

Have you ever wondered how do you receive these staggering suggestions on your gadgets regarding what should you buy, read, eat, wear or share? Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is a concept that is associated with our handy gadgets.

Using multiple gadgets has proved to be opportune for the companies to throw us into an integrated eco-system of devices, which enables the devices to channel data and information through a ubiquitous wireless medium unescorted by any human efforts. IoT is demonstrating its diversity in fields like medical, automobile, fitness, retail, manufacturing, defense technology and far greater, IoT has crowned itself as a game-changer. In the medical and healthcare field IoT has mushroomed immensely to the extent that doctors can check-up on the patients through smart equipment, without physically being nearby.

Moving further to the rise of the Internet of Behaviour, a concept developed by Göte Nyman, a retired psychology professor at the University of Helsinki. Would you believe that your re possibly being read through the behaviour, actions movements and even facial expressions asystem of devices through which you access the internet? It means, that IT companies are -ecotime location, social media -cumulating pivotal information concerning credit purchases, reale and exercise it as virtual wisdom to influence human usage, etc., permute it to knowledgbehaviour. The IoB system attempts to understand the data collected from users’ online activity from a behavioural psychology perspective.

Do we even ponder about what would be the objective of companies, behind using a person’s data?

Well, of course, profit is the paramount objective, but we need to understand the process behind it. Data mining is far from new, cloud services provide features that helps in slicing and dicing data to scrutinize an individual’s behaviour considering other elements at a given point in time. The system undertakes an analysis of the extracted data to convert it into useful information based on that users receive personalized notifications and suggestions on the user interface to

impact human behaviour. Enticing sales or value addition to the process are two apparent objectives to put IoB into practice, thus, influencing human behavior.

Imagine browsing an E-Commerce website to buy a new watch for yourself, your movement on the website or the app will be tracked throughout your journey from searching for the watch to placing the order. The path through which you land on the home page is recorded, might be through an e-mail, search or shopping ad, app notification or directly. On that basis, you will be remarketed with products, sales offers or trends.

If we dissect and acquire insights into the markets, we can deduce, the customers have contrasting opinions. On the one hand, customers are consenting to receive marketing emails, newsletters, analyzed suggestions as they are with the opinion that the suggestion would be favorable for them. On the other hand, some are shielding their information from the websites and companies to safeguard themselves from immaterial spamming or non-pertinent recommendations.

Ever heard of Beacon Technology?

Presuming that we all have received a notification for an experience review from Google Maps every time we exit a shop – a bakery, a car showroom or a departmental store and we know that Google has a track of our location. Beacon tech takes one leap over this Google feature, wonder how?

  • Suppose you are searching for a bike on a search engine on your smartphone but you need to take a test ride.
  • You search for the location where that particular bike is being sold.
  • You visit that shop; where the shopkeeper has installed a Beacon.
  • The Beacon will identify your mobile and notify the shopkeeper that you had a search about the bike on the search engine before stepping into the shop.
  • This will help the storekeeper to analyze the efficiency of his online marketing efforts.

Let the Beacon tech flabbergast you more, assume that you are in a departmental store that has a Beacon installed. Once the beacon has identified your smartphone it tracks your movement inside the store. It even keeps a track of the amount of time you have spent in each of the aisles.

As remarkable as it looks, it might also attract menacing threats from cybercriminals. In absence of a robust cybersecurity system implemented by companies, IoB data would be left vulnerable to malpractices. No company ensures guaranteed indemnity of data as the cybercriminals are ruthless and conversant with financial thefts, cyber extortion, crypto-jacking, cyberespionage, confidential data theft, identity fraud, etc. Wonder if cybercriminals take possession of consumer’s behavioral data, terrifying, isn’t it?

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