Top 5 EdTech Challenges and Their Solutions


Unexpected episodes of modernizations came in the show when handbooks, notebooks, and classrooms shifted online, especially post COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the nomenclature; EdTech, a modern instance in the educational sector growing from 2013, brought enthusiasm into students for learning digitally. Enriching access to tech-based infrastructure, electricity, and affordable internet it proved its ground to be substantial for laymen usage.

Adopting every fresh technology made people realize that nothing in this world exists problem-free. New technologies usually encounter a list of problems at first. But the solutions are always in the bag of the technologists like Sankey Solutions. Currently, the industry is poised for exponential growth, with over 4,500 start-ups and an estimated market value of $700 million – projections predict a market size of $30 billion in ten years. However, the ASER report 2020 found that the primary reason for children not having access to learning materials was the school’s inability to send them home.

Furthermore, grinding major problems in EdTech like the speeding problem, insufficient internet access, login problem, security alert, causality in ethics and norms, the unacceptable behavior of parents and teachers towards this industry, data collection and security and analytics and AI.

These dilemmas are appearing to be solved by many upcoming startups, existing companies due to which the probability of the EdTech  market shall hit  $4 billion by 2025.

Sankey Solutions, a technology niched driven company full of innovative flowers blooming in which seems capable to repair all the loopholes and present the best formulated ways to the founders falling in this industry. Contact here to book a session with our EdTech consultants.