How to build trust in workplaces?

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Welcome back, Trust seekers!

In our previous blog, we explored the fascinating science behind trust and its connection to oxytocin. Recap and read the full blog here.  

Today, we take our understanding a step further as we uncover the secrets of the “Trust hormone” by revealing ways to boost oxytocin and unveil real-life examples of how Sankey Solutions has successfully implemented these strategies to foster trust among its employees. Get ready to harness the power of oxytocin like never before!  

How to Build Trust?  

Paul J. Zack an American Neuro economist, discovered 8 trust-building ways in his book “Trust Factor: The science of Creating High-performing Companies”.   

Interestingly, the 8 factors that create trust have the acronym OXYTOCIN:  

8 factors that create trust have the acronym OXYTOCIN

Now that we have a deeper understanding of what boosts Oxytocin production, let’s explore how Sankey uses this knowledge to cultivate trust among its employees.  

Sankey’s Trust building Approach 

Sankey solutions has embraced the science of building trust among its employees, following a remarkable approach that aligns perfectly with the acronym “Oxytocin.”

Let’s dive in further to understand what they are doing:  

  • Notice when people are doing something well, tell them! This is what Sankey solutions adhere to. Overtly, recognizing outstanding efforts through badges and awards inspires excellence and motivation and also inspires others to strive for excellence.  
  • But it’s not just about recognition. Sankey solutions empowers their employees with crystal clear expectations and trusty goal sheets that enables them to understand the path to achieve their objectives and measure their progress. 
  • Feel the buzz of autonomy as Sankey lets employees lead projects with flair. Trusting their capabilities, they foster a true sense of ownership and camaraderie.  
  • Transparency, the cornerstone of trust! Sankey believes that openness and disclosure and not withholding of information, can eliminate rumors and create a culture of transparency.  
  • Unity and belonging, the heartbeats of Sankey! Sankey organizes social activities and team-building events to create a strong bond among employees and to keep the fire of trust alive.
  • Numerous studies have shown that acquiring new skills is not enough; if employees are not growing as human beings, their performance will suffer. Sankey’s continuous feedback and recognition elevate employees, nurturing their potential as both professionals and human beings.
  • Sankey unlocks the power of vulnerability as its leadership isn’t afraid to show their human side and ask for help when needed. This courageous act not only builds trust but also inspires the idea that support is a natural part of growth and development. 


Sankey’s holistic approach to building trust is an extraordinary blend of recognition, empowerment, transparency, and support, creating a workplace where trust thrives, inspiring individuals to unleash their potential and achieve remarkable success together.  

Our journey into the world of trust has been eye–opening and exploring the factors of OXYTOCIN has given us a clear roadmap to build trust in an organization. Building trust in the workplace requires effective communication, integrity, competence, empathy, respect, teamwork and recognition.

By focusing on these strategies, managers and employees can create a workplace where trust thrives, and people flourish As we move on from the “Trust hormone” and Sankey’s inspiring methods, let’s embrace this wisdom and unleash oxytocin’s power to nurture trust in all we do.  

-by Mansi Chopda