Sankey’s Run Towards FITNESS

Sankians participating in Marathon

Modern lifestyle barely leaves any room for healthy indulgence in a person’s routine; be it constant consumption of caffeinated products or easily available but unhealthy fast food choices. People rarely take time out from their busy schedule for something as important as their health. Work and other obligations consume most of one’s time and energy, pushing well being at back which should be given top most priority.

It so happens when we don’t look after our own well being, our family does it for us; similarly Sankey Solutions took a wise decision for the wellness of the whole team by participating in ‘Pune Half Marathon’.


Pune Half Marathon took place in the sports hub Pune, on 9th December where around 55 of our employees among 16,000 people from various walks of life including the celebrities of national and international importance actively participated; one of them being Dr. Jack Daniels (an exercise physiologist, who has been feted as the World’s Best Running Coach) was present to bust the misconceptions present around running, share vital tips, and to inculcate fitness as a habit amongst all the generations.

For us it was an excellent opportunity, not only to create appreciation among our employees for fitness but also to train them in natural environment for better collaboration amongst themselves. Nature lends her hand in calming the mind while exercising energizes physically, when both, the mind and body are in harmony, it instinctively motivates one to do their best.

What’s better than the whole Sankey family running collectively to raise awareness for Fitness & Health, this Marathon gave a boost to our team spirit and develop much better sense of purpose which cannot be done within concrete walls.


Being in Mumbai, our team took a trip to Lonavala, day before the event to be well rested and be ready to run for the simple cause of one’s better health. Uniformly dressed the fierce and happy faces were doing something out of the routine, with no stress for meeting client expectations or authenticating artificial intelligence, it was a day devoted to team and how marvelously we work when our goals are aligned.


The goal to participate wasn’t just victory but to work cohesively, test our abilities to reach possible potential, be driven and achieve the set targets, all of this in the most exceptional and enjoyable way possible. This is what we aim to achieve by progressive learning which yields to development at individual level.

This marathon was a shove in right direction to start with ‘Sankey Fitness’ for all our employees, an activity which helps us learn while having fun; It’s to keep them motivated and to create an atmosphere where there’s space for uninterrupted innovation and growth.