Insurtech Revolution to Go Global: Challenges and Guide


Insurtech – the faith of millions 

The growth of modernization and urbanization in resemblance to technology has constructed an emotional melody all across the corporate industry, capturing the minds of consumers for running gigantic businesses and the willingness to provide a seamless consumer experience. Insurance is the major industry where, no doubt, technology is showcasing an increasingly important role in all our lives. The will of our global leaders has the potential to bring in new players and renovate overcoming insurance businesses. The tech-startup ecosystem globally is promptly maturing over the last few years, especially when it comes to fintech and insurtech companies. It is one of the substantial industries in the world.  After the outbreak of COVID-19, our transformational leaders are on a journey to change their insurance delivery methods. Want to catch a glimpse of it here? 


Good vs bad profits  

We all know that Profits and losses are the mirrors of any field, despite how sizeable it seems. The question is raised: Does Insurtech’s growth impact the lives of laymen? This industry is rapidly growing, holding the spotlight of both startups and established players. The insurance sector in the country is expected to grow at a CAGR of -15% which will reach  USD 1 trillion in 2020 with a 5.3% increment till 2023. Regardless of all the concerns and profits, these industries still need continuous polishing.  


Why hindrance in Insurtech? 

The Insurance sector has been going through a lot of modifications over the previous two years. In fact, it is one of the industries that has seen the largest amount of disruption and technological advancement. This also means that there are a number of challenges these companies have to face as they work towards ensuring customer service excellence, reducing their operational costs, and streamlining their business processes. Insurtech companies lack resources that can build the trust of people in the absence of proper technology, economic instability, mismanagement, fraudulency; lack of safety and privacy terms make this market sprinkle its spark in international and global markets.  Further, with the onset of IoT, AI, and Automation technologies, the future outlook for this kind of industry is promising to prosper their role internationally. 

Technology bringing solutions 

Going global is a journey in itself. Inferring, technology is the backbone of any industry so that the stems reach the global market. A blend of Insurance and Technology, These corporations use the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile Apps, Blockchain, Cyber Security, etc to deliver best-in-class products and support to their customers. The tech startups playing in this market also utilize data analytics and artificial intelligence for making decisions directly with the least omissions and hindrances. Customer Security, privacy, easy processes and, comfortable management tactics are some of the ways to deal with problems existing in this sector.  


Foreign countries are waiting for global players! 

Varied Technology, all are the same to process, what matters is the manpower and the speed rate, this is where the mismatch takes place. As a reason, other countries continue to grow. To compete with their technology. Other market speeds might need to be replicated as discussed formerly. From data privacy to connected devices, Open API, and open insurance models have marked their significance. Without any concerns, the power of global leaders can dominate the foreign market easily. The benefits of getting promoted and visible in international markets of insurance can help the diversified market by doubling their economy. 


Thinking about how? Well, the population around the globe is countered at its best which is directly proportional to the market size and numerous people are registering for insurance from international markets. Since insurtech companies are merged with countries, the global profits affect us too. Companies have sustainable ideas to provide a shield for themselves. Therefore the international funders are enormously investing in different country’s potential. Foreigners are waiting to become renowned stakeholders. This increases the demand for you as the company to keep polishing the level of perfection with available technical resources working in this niche.    


Time to break the bars 

There are many reasons why insurance companies should be using technology to create better products, reduce costs and build stronger relationships with their clients and expand themselves in foreign markets is the prime motive. With the increasing number of data breaches, there is an urgent need to protect sensitive customer information. This will drive more enterprises to adopt blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data crunching-based solutions which use encryption algorithms for storing data securely.  

The blend of insurance and technology is the revolution that the insurance industry will need to sail through. Insurers who will leverage the power of technology will traverse their journey forward while others might struggle to retain their customers. Having the right tech partners on board is essential, Sankey Solutions has built various insurtech solutions to accelerate our insurance partners’ business growth.