How Sankey Solutions is a Resilient Organization?

How Sankey Solutions is a Resilient Organization (1)

The destructive wave of 2020 left an irreversible impact on the entire globe. Disparate industrial sectors like airlines, entertainment, information technology, manufacturing, and oil-gas mining saw a major dent in their products and activities. This unexpected chaos led all the sectors of industry to give up on their employees, realize and witness an empirical experience of their flexible and adaptive capabilities. 

 Survival of the fittest was a major challenge for all during the global pandemic. The need for resilient organization is extremely crucial in an era where upheavals and mayhems are uncertain. Several organizations strived to adapt to the change. Sankey Solutions persevered in the gloomy wake of turbulent 2020. Amid this turmoil, we ensured uninterrupted project deliveries for clients and unbroken recruitments for candidates. We have provided an opportunity to more than 180+ candidates and solved more than 50+ business problems during the pandemic phase. Sankey turns out to be a resilient organization by displaying a range of characteristics that helped it to cope with change, rather than passively responding to it as a deliberate process. 

These TOP 5 characteristics demonstrate the resilient behavior of Sankey Solutions: 


1.ADAPTABILITY: In the versatile environment of the year 2020 and ongoing 2021, the employees of Sankey readily adapted themselves to the major changes that took place. This included remote work, work from home, flexible working hours, adjustment for resources, uninterrupted delivery of client projects, and streamlined executions of projects. 

2. INCLUSIVITY AND COLLABORATION: Managing the effective decision-making virtually, mitigation of confusions, risks, and errors by active anticipation, presentation of thoughts on the meeting table led innovation inside Sankey Solution to continue seamlessly during the pandemic. Open forum for everyone enhanced the efficacy of inclusivity and collaboration of employees thereby producing better solutions for a problem. 

3. RESPONSIBILITY: Every Sankian has ingrained a sense of responsibility beyond the bottom line. Sankey fosters its relationship with stakeholders by keeping responsibility and ownership as a priority while delivering any project. Besides, Sankey has also supported every employee to continue their job without salary reduction and continued its cycle of recruiting potential candidates. Despite the difficult times of pandemic and limited resources, Sankey has never showcased a blind eye to any of its clients or employee.  

4. TRUSTWORTHINESS: We ensure loyalty and faith across the board. Sankey has tried its best to exhibit a sense of trust in every aspect. Our practice of transparency and loyalty between organization-employees, leader-employees, and organization-clients has ensured trust in each other. Our mindset of treating every task as an opportunity to grow, position us accurately for maintaining and building trust with employees and clients. 

5. PREPAREDNESS: Sankey Solutions is enriched with proactive employees. We thrive to maintain our balance in addressing short & long-term priorities that can help the organization to adapt to unpredictable events and uncertainties. We invested efforts to impart the skills that help us to predict upcoming disruptions proactively. This helps us to kick back the uncertainties thereby keeping our client’s requirements and employee expectations on top. 


THE BOTTOM LINE: Resilience allows an organization to rebound and prosper the activities during unprecedented disruptions. An organization needs to be agile and adaptive to the new normal. This helps to set competitive and sustainable advantages of business goals for an organization. A pivot part of an organization being resilient is ensuring you have a strong team to support. We at Sankey Solutions, are proud to have a supportive, robust, and adaptive family.