His belief is our belief and his vision is our mission! 

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It all went gloomy and hushed when we heard that our beloved CEO, Suhas Patil is no more. Sankey Solutions lost its one of its most precious gem this year. A visionary man who touched hundreds of lives with his rich expertise in leading various companies, departed to heaven leaving his legacy behind. Suhas was not simply a CEO. He was a mentor for learners, an inspiration for his followers, a motivator, an enthusiast, a visionary, and an ambitious soul. He was all how a role model looked like for everyone working at Sankey Solution. This energetic and positive spirit thrived off to transform Sankey into an organization where people work with inclusivity, passion for technology, solutioning, and a learning mindset. With pure joy on his face, Suhas designed his vision for Sankey. Today, in his absence, the growing leaders of the industry at Sankey Solutions aim to carry forward his legacy of vision and strive to fulfil his dreams. Meet these leaders of Sankey who assure to polish the benchmark created by our departed CEO.  


  • Sandeep Patil, Co-Founder & Director, Sankey Solutions 

“I have shared an unconditional emotional bond with Suhas for more than 20 yearsTo the core, he has been extremely humble and great human being, which will always remain the basis of our connect. He was a visionary with a tremendous passion for work. We started this company in a small co-working space by strategizing and taking one decision at a time. We together have envisioned building Sankey as a global technology solutions company that can uniquely combine different technologies and generate innovative solutionsWe have together joined the dots of success to make Sankey an incredible and inclusive workplace. Today, he isn’t there with us. However, his belief, ideology is still absorbed in the deepest layer within every Sankian. I would be forever indebted to take forward his legacy that he has created. He always envisioned Sankey to be a global technology behemoth. His dreams today are my passion and we would work hard to fulfil everything that he dreamt of. We would strive relentlessly to reflect every vision and goals he had for Sankey Solutions. Although, he isn’t with us today. But, his soul will always be there with us in our every initiative towards Sankey Solution. 


  • Shrihari MahaleRegional Head APAC 

“I was majorly owning UK/EU solutions delivery for Sankey in the initial full-time role along with building that market with Suhas very closely. Having been working with Suhas for over 10 years in a different capacity, we had aligned a wavelength in terms of execution and goals. We envisioned Sankey to be super agile and super responsive consulting partners for our clients. We never wished to treat a project just like another transaction. We always searched for more factors that could create valuable delivery. We worked tirelessly to draw the wow factor in everything we deliverSuhas was a big energy that pushed faster and better solution for every need and challenges our partners faced in their businesses. Today in his absence, our entire motive will be to reflect the same energy he used to showcase and continue quality delivery of solutions.” 


  • Hitesh Patil, Head of Solutions 

 “I and Suhas worked on multiple things together. We have connected for executing and managing multiple things including DW solutioning, Citizen engagement Platform, Printing Element Platform, Human Resourcing Management, Credit Card Fraud Detection, RPA for Insurance Platform, and many more. For this, our primary motive was to help the client with minimal efforts e.g. Low-code platform, and validate the solution before making the platform full fledge. Suhas always believed that correct communication is a key to everything. Communication should always be Proactive. He always believed that there should be transparency in all the activities and communication between myself and team and myself and client’. Hence, I would ensure to carry forward this belief of Suhas and execute all the projects with best solutions.” 


  • Meena Lokhande, Human Resource Manager


“I was working with Suhas as a Sankey Culture custodian where we have designed and planned multiple strategies to channelize the right attitude and aptitude for employees in the organization. We have built those values and behaviors for Sankians that would help them thrive in the biggest competition of industry. Suhas has directed me incredibly on appointing the right resource for the right project. He enlightened me on how to understand the employee concern and address them correctly so that our projects run unaffected and our clients get what they expect from us. Today, in his absence, we assure to endure all his beliefs like learning and unlearning, thinking of an innovative solution and not simply an obsolete solution.” 


  • Rekha Bhavsar, Senior Interaction Lead 

“I was working with Suhas as a project lead (design) and holding the responsibility of end-to-end project delivery in proper co-operation and coordination with him and clients. We majorly connected for coordinating with the clients to understanding their requirements along with building a sustainable relationship with them. Suhas has taught plethora of things. He has helped me to gain confidence in myself and my work. He always believed that one must readily face challenges. You will either survive or fail. But if you fail, you will get up again and become a winner. Suhas also believed that for handling any project, understanding the client is crucial. Today, in his absence, we assure that we will reflect all his values while understanding the client requirements and process the output according to their expectations.” 


  • Karan Rao, Head of Solutions, APAC 

“I was working with Suhas on delivering solutions and business development for the APAC region. It has been untimely, unfortunate, and shocking to not to have Suhas with us. While we miss his presence and energy, we are committed to endeavors towards the Sankey he envisioned. Leveraging the culture, he hardwired in each of us, our perseverance in delivering quality solutions to our clients will not be impacted. His absence has created a huge void for sure but the wisdom, learnings, professionalism of his will keep reflecting in all our achievements for years to come. “Lead, follow or get out of the way” – quote that he firmly believed in. A quote that will keep all the leaders of Sankey play their role in realizing the collective goal of Sankey.” 


BOTTOM LINE– We pray that the gentle soul of our departed CEO and Co-founder, Suhas Patil rests in peace. We also express our deepest condolence to the family of our heavenly ever shining and visionary soul.