Here’s how we enable employee growth by fostering a learning environment uniquely at Sankey Solutions

Here’s how we enable employee growth by fostering a learning environment uniquely at Sankey Solutions

And the bar kept rising day after day……! Employees were no more just the employees. They embraced the disparate qualities within them like never before.

Sankey Solutions is an emerging workplace where innovators from diverse backgrounds convene with their solution mind-set to learn and unlearn technologies. We strongly believe that the environment where employees can achieve their professional ambitions along with learning at each step will foster growth and innovation expeditiously.


Try to learn something about everything and everything about something — Thomas H. Huxley

One of our key differentials of swift growth is the peculiar yet distinctive relationship of one employee with another. This turns impeccable because of our 2 major pillars—Team Relentless (TR) and Bar Raisers (BR). Sankey Solutions drives its work culture efficacious and constructive by defining the two teams that contribute diligently and sedulously for the growth and development of the entire workforce. These teams act as a mentors for all the employees thereby, helping them to grow and polish their skills personally and professionally. They meticulously educate the group of people who are obstructed to knowledge and skills development because of limited accessibility of resources.

Team Relentless, often abbreviated as TR, prominently works for the advancement of the internal audience, spotlighting majorly on employee growth and development. Sankey shares a vision for linguistic development of the employees. Hence, it never gives up on the developing the vocabulary of the workforce. Sankey ameliorate and polishes the language skills of the employees through ‘word of the day’ technique and introducing the habit of reading the books that are the nucleus for self-development, professionalism, positive attitude, communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many more skills that help an individual to seamlessly direct their boats towards achievements and success. It also works effortlessly on several other factors like unearthing the calibre in employees, supporting them morally, economically, and mentally. This group consists of professionals who possess the ability to solve the crisis, thereby producing effective solutions and outcomes. TR team acts as a mentor for the entire workforce in Sankey Solutions.

Bar Raisers, often abbreviated at BR, are the emerging TRs. The members in this team highly accountable for quality and positive energy within the organisation. They act as multi-tasker by performing different tasks along with their primary roles. This team uses their extraordinary skills for dealing with clients confidently thereafter, teaching the new comers the correct use of their knowledge. with deep industry experience, multiple uses of calibre, exposure, and learning abilities.


We at Sankey Solutions focus not only on developing the unified culture for new employees but also on reshaping the environment for existing employees which suits the best for the employee growth at the personal level.

Sankey Solutions believe that real leaders are those who consistently help other budding leaders to succeed with their knowledge and skillsets. Hence, at Sankey, leaders put concerted efforts and energy into ‘Collective learning’ where they share their success stories and ideologies with the wider group for overcoming all the obstacles effectively and getting one step closer to success.

Learning has always been on the top priority for Sankians

Hence, it dedicates the 2 alternate Saturdays of every month exclusively for learning and upgrading the employees with new technologies and information. These days are known as ‘Sharing Kattas’ where people from different teams come together to share their knowledge to educate other people. These learning Saturdays help the entire work staff to upgrade themselves with new technologies, information, and techniques that are flooding the market. This cross learning culture of Sankey is what makes every employee working here LEADER.

All in all, Sankey Solutions works on the ideology that ‘collective learning’ mechanism helps the success wheel to spin faster and garner quality and active learning irrespective of the age.