Capturing the Inspiring Stories of Working Mothers at Sankey Solutions

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Manifolds of tasks awaiting her hands, but her smile and readiness for multitasking never stops to expand.  It takes a good deal of courage and audacity to endure a dual journey of motherhood and a professional career altogether. Continuing on an upward career trajectory along with establishing unconditional care and love for her offspring, is something that every ‘SHE’ strives for. This dual journey is like an emotional roller coaster. It escorts tons of fickleness while harmonizing with career aspirations along with family expectations. However, these robust souls never choose to compromise with their two different families.  

Sankey Solutions deeply admire all those women who have ‘multi-tasking’ as their watchword. Mothers at Sankey valiantly wave their success flags for being in charge of self-confident mothers and professionals. 

These 4 brave mothers at Sankey Solutions, convene together to share their uplifting stories on how Sankey Solutions is helping them to ace their motherhood along with professional careers. 

  • Meena Lokhande, Mom of Rudang (2.5 years old) 

I hail from a decent family that always wanted me to be independent. My dad struggled interminably to give us access to better education so that we can live a better life and give our children a preferable life. I married at a very young age. I entered into a new family with new responsibilities. However, what remained constant were my dreams and ambitions. I choose to work to up bring my son with a step ahead education and values. Sankey Solution gave me a big platform to embrace my motherhood with comfort and ease. They encouraged me to multi-task. Since then, I have never felt like a working mother. Instead, have always felt like an empowered mother. It took a lot of courage to keep my 6months old son at home. I could do that smoothly because of Sankey’s constant support and understanding. Sankey always kept me flexible with time. I am glad to be a part of an organization that gave me a work-life balance without depleting my leaves and working hours. I surpassed several challenges because of Sankey’s limitless cooperation with me. 


  • Greeshma Nair, Mom of Anika (3 years old) 

I always aim to set a paradigm of independent and confident women for my daughter. I never restricted myself from opportunities because I wanted to be a role model for my child. My daughter tries to interpret what I practice. Hence, I make sure to undergo all the activities that will introduce her to the learning and values of life. The best thing is, my daughter grasps all the values that Sankey has upskilled in me. Sankey has always acted as a pillar of support, strength, and care for me. A working mother needs enough courage to keep her child away from her. However, with Sankey Solutions, I could easily balance my attention towards my daughter and work. With this amazing organization, I never had to set back my boat of two different families. Sankey’s understanding of my motherhood capacitated me to give quality time to my family as well. My supportive colleagues never asked me to stay back for a long duration. I am so thankful to Sankey for supporting me as a mom and as a working mom. 


  • Priya Gawde, Mom of Samruddhi and Siddhi (19 & 11 years old) 

It has been around 16 years since I am working along with sharing my motherhood. I am an ambitious woman who always wanted to be independent along with ensuring good education and upbringing of my children. I always believed that a working mother is the epitome of self-confidence and strength. A thing that motivated me was the essay that was written by my daughters for me. They termed me a ‘Good human being’ because of my efforts towards the growth and happiness of my family. I was awe-struck when I read that my daughters want to be hardworking and determined just like their mother. That fine day, I realized that I have to grow every day. With Sankey Solutions, my career has grown, but in return, my kids have thrived. I have not grappled with prioritizing my children. I am thankful for the flexibility, benefits, and work-life balance commitment from Sankey. 


  • Rekha Bhavsar, Mom of Shreeya (10years old) 

I grew with a mindset that if you are blessed with education, you must not waste it by simply letting it go. I never defined boundaries for me nor my daughter where learning was concerned. When I became a mother, I kept my learning curve uninterrupted. Because, what I will learn today, my daughter would learn that tomorrow. We all know that a mother is the first influencer for her child. Hence, I showcased all the things Sankey taught me to enhance into a better human being. From communication skills to management, Sankey helps me to grow incredibly as an individual. I can proudly say that my daughter is growing into a better person because of Sankey Solutions and its values. I’m fortunate to have Sankey Solutions for being so supportive of working mothers while helping them to provide the necessary care and support.